St Dalfour Skin Whitening Cream -Top 10 Question and Answer

1. What is the purpose of St Dalfour Skin Whitening Cream Normal?

This is an ultimate skin whitening solution that also possesses numerous other damage control properties like freeing the skin from aging symptoms and removing blemishes from the skin.

2. What is the purpose of St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream?

This is the most effective skin whitening skin with numerous other solutions like removing wrinkles, pimples and providing the skin with required moisturizer.

3. Which of the above two creams are better?

Both the creams, i.e. St Dalfour Skin Whitening and Filipina Beauty Fairness Creams are good for all types of skins. But, Filipina Beauty Fairness cream works almost three times faster than the normal one.

4. Are there any side effects of the creams?

No, the creams are manufactured with all natural ingredients. Hence, they are completely safe to use.

5. Does St Dalfour Skin Whitening Cream protect of UV rays?

Yes, The cream protects the skin from all harmful effects of UV rays.

6. How many times a day St Dalfour Skin Whitening Cream is to be applied?

The skin is to be applied at least twice a day to get desired result.

7. Does the Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream helps to remove pimples?

Yes, This fairness cream is very effective in pimples and also in similar types of skin problems.

8. Will we get proper advice in case we need to know more about the creams?

Yes. You will get all relevant advice that you need to know about the creams and their utilities.

9. How to contact for purchasing the creams?

It's very simple. You just need to contact through the telephone numbers given in the website. You can also fill up the “contact us” form or send us an email.

10. Who can use the creams?

Anybody above the age of 18 can use the creams as per directions given by the dermatologists or as advised by the customer care experts.

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