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St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream is the all round solution for multiple of skin problems that common people all over the face frequently. Human skin could be damaged due to multiple of reasons, like :

  • Due to side effects of certain medicines and illness.
  • Due to life style and over indulgence on fast food.
  • Due to working environment when people need to work outdoor for long hours.
  • Due to any accident.

Advantages of St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream

Whatever may be the reasons, everybody has right to get back his or her old skin type. St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream is that magical cream which can be applied on the skin for all these reasons. The utility of St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream doesn’t end here.

The product has innumerable other utilities like as follows :

  • It can give the user a fair complexion that he or she has always dreamt of.
  • It can remove dark circles from the eyes and dark patches from different parts of the body.
  • Anyone who is getting wrinkles and fine lines on the face and other parts of the body can also use the cream to erase out these aging symptoms.
  • Pimples, acnes and any other types of rashes are removed quickly and blemishes on the face can be cleared with the help of St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Fairness Cream.

Process of using the cream

To get the best result, user needs to adhere to the process as described by the expert or as directed by the manufacturer of this wonderful cream.

The skin is to be washed with a good soap, preferably with glycerin soap. It is to be dried with a clean and soft towel. The cream is to be dotted on all parts of the face, neck and hand. Each dot of the cream is to be messaged on that part in circular movements as long as it is not mixing up with the skin.

The product needs to be used twice a day initially. Later, after 2-3 months, the application of the cream can be reduced to once a day. Millions of people all over the world use the cream even after achieving the desired result to maintain his or her current skin complexion.

The product is made from all natural ingredients; hence, it has no side effect or any damaging effect on the skin.

Price: 150 Aed

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